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A thank you and some tips on managing anxiety.

Wow. I really don’t know what to say about the feedback I received from you guys yesterday after my first blog post on this page. I was inundated with glorious messages of support, love and surprise at how well I have hidden the issues I face on a day to day to basis. Fist bump to myself for being so devious. In fact, I was so overwhelmed with love that a lot of your messages made me cry. In a good way though, if there can be a good way of snotty rivers of tears cascading down your face.

A little card I found yesterday to start my soon to be new office wall of joy.
I’ve been thinking all day about how to follow up that first post and I still haven’t quite figured it out (it’s now 10.19pm on Saturday night, and yes, I am still sober and finished writing at 12.05am. Cut to, it’s now 9.17am on Sunday morning as I edit and cut down this epic post to a manageable size!) so I’m just going to ramble and see what happens.

One thing I will mention as a back story to all of the people who message…

Alcohol, social anxiety, shame spirals and a life that appears to be falling apart.

It has been five days since I last had an alcoholic drink. I know right?! Believe me, I’m as surprised by this as you are.
I’ve been meaning to do this for some time, predominantly because I seem to have drunk through a summer of excess because I’m so bloody sociable all of a sudden. Sickening. After years of trying, I seem to finally have my work/life balance in the perfect place (although work related boozing does tend to see me lifing it up a little too much at times) which has given me the time and physical/emotional energy to have a social life. It also appears that I am mellowing in my old age/married life/cats have worn me down and I am (relatively) happy spending time with people, especially some of the incredible people I have met since I moved to Stamford in 2015.
Anyway, back to the drinking. Since my teens, I have battled with social anxiety. I have missed out on countless opportunities and events by being unable to make myself leave the house. And this is my biggest fear.…