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Year of Fear Week 1. “Challenge 1: increasing social interactions.”

And so the changes begin.

“Challenge 1: increasing social interactions” has been a resounding, and ongoing, success. I started out with the goal of increasing my social interactions by two per day, as I often overstretch myself and find that I am unable to achieve my, quite frankly, unobtainable goals.

My first act was Hubs suggesting that I order lunch at the Beach Bar on holiday. Did I mention I was on hols recently? No? Ah well, I’ll probably come back to it later. I hadn’t told him about my challenge and yet here he was, supporting and encouraging it without even realising. As he tends to so often do.

I ordered lunch. Nobody died. I didn’t make a fool of myself by accidentally ordering cock and balls stew. I didn’t stutter. Or fall off my chair. Or realise I was naked part way through the transaction. In fact, I just asked for some food. And she brought me some food. Mad that.

Less than half an hour later, I asked for the bill. Then I paid for the meal. Later, I went to the bar by…

A Year of Fear.

This post was written on New Year’s Day whilst on holiday in Gambia and not posted until 6th January 2019. 

As we prepare to welcome in another New Year (WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?!?!), I have spent the past week reflecting less on where I have come from and more on where I am going. As I started doing this, the universe began to send me signs that I am on the right path.

On a river crossing yesterday, we sat at the back of the boat as it was the only area in the shade and sheeeeeesh was it hot (38°C, I kid you not). We watched the ferry fill with people, lorries of goats load on and even a live, squealing pig wrapped in a hessian sack and tied with string was carried on, flung over the shoulder of a young, suited man. As the ferry pulled away from the dock, it suddenly completed a 180° turn so instead of being at the back of the ferry looking at where we had been, we were now at the front of the ferry looking at where we going.

Everywhere I look, I see signs advocating the right path for…